Worldly Thoughts…..

In a fight between you and the world, bet on the world…….
– Frank Kafka

All the world’s a stage, and most of us are desperately unrehearsed……..
– Sean O’Casey, Irish playwright

9 Responses to “Worldly Thoughts…..”

  1. Frank? Freind of Joe Green and Dick Wagner?

  2. Okay, you caught me, Anon!!!….. Not only do I not know who Joe Green and Dick Wagner are, I don’t even know who the hell Frank Kafka is, so I guess, I really can’t say if they’re ‘ol drinkin’ buddies or not!…… I just saw the comment, liked it, posted it, and credited it to its author……

    Boy, call me embarrassed and color me red….. Please enlighten this dumb Okie….. ……Of course, that is to say, if you know who these people are……eh?…..Nudge, nudge….

    Based on the comment, I’m guessin’ boxers………

  3. Didn’t everybody have to read “The Metamorphosis?”

  4. Boxers? MR me thinks you are thinking of boxer Sean O’Grady from OKC. Met him last year at a restaurant. Nice kid. Too bad he was managed by his parents. He might have gone a long way. However, he ended up on USA Network as a boxing analyst. Not a bad gig.

  5. That’s Franz Kafka (you might like his “America”)

    Giuseppe Verdi translates Joe Green

    And Dick Wagner is of course Richard Wagner ( sounds like Vagner )

    First is existential witer. Last two wrote early rock music.

  6. Thanx for all the insight, Anon, and I do believe I will check-out “America”….. Looks like it’s about time MR cracked open a book and expanded the old education level…..

    I do know who Richard Wagner is…. So-o-o, I guess one outta three isn’t that bad…. Maybe?…..

    Oh, yeah, were they buddies on not?………

  7. Yes, they herded Henry Winehearts together in Montana I think……Maybe Texas.

  8. #8 by Randalf the Grey

    Don’t be cruel to MR. He, like myself, is product of public education in
    Oklahoma. Let’s just say there are a few holes. But together, the two
    of us have over a century of life experience and an inquisitive nature,
    so maybe we’ll catch up.

  9. Not being cruel to old MR. I thought Frank Kafka was funny so answered in kind.

    To MR, I might have mixed up titles for Kafka. I may have been thinking of “The Trial” instead of “America”…. About a man caught in an absurd legal system. But here is my all time best books to read not on Oprah’s book list, better than reality TV. “The Forest People”, an anthropologist’s story about the time he lived with the Pygmies. Where you learn information like the typicle male greeting is “Your’s is as big as a plum tree. Yours is much bigger. Its as big as a…..”

    And “The Last Time I Saw Paris”. If you saw the movie years ago with Van and Liz it didnt have anything to do the book. It the story of a section Paris, the section where Hemingway and other such types hung out, true story of the lives, loves, politics of the people from after WWI until after WWII. The community is made up of butchers, bakers, prostitutes. Not the stuff in the movie.

    You should be able to find them in you local lib. they were written years ago but are well know. I’ll get you the authors names if you are interested.

    Good reading good buddy
    fishing too

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